Hospitality dishes

Please fully enjoy the luxury of Echigo's travel.

Only fresh caught ingredients are selected, and the numbers of the Japanese foods which include the best seasonal taste in each season are abundantly offered.

With beauty, Japanese food each one piece is arranged carefully in the vivid color of Arita ware. Please enjoy the luxury of Echigo's travel fully while smacking your lips in the taste of the local brand of sake place of Niigata.

In dainty and refined Japanese dishes (kaiseki ryori) which are full of the seafood delicacies from the Sea of Japan, you can fully enjoy the seasonal taste of Niigata, and the local brand of sake of Niigata (Koshinokanbai, Shimeharitsuru Hakkaisan, Kubota, Yoshinogawa, etc.).

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Guest room

New annex 1st floor, "Koi"

The guest room which you can command a whole view of the golden carp of our boast "Koi". From a beautiful landscape which seems as if the golden carp garden were completely wrapped in, there are some guests who extend the length of their stay. Besides, we prepare for many guest rooms which adopted "space" and "relaxation" of Japanese style.


Convention halls
and great halls

Various seats are available

We are preparing for various banquet halls from the convention hall accommodating 500 persons to the large room of 200 mats. Including a banquet, we can direct the seat of the great variety of gatherings such as party, meeting, training, betrothal gift and banquet individually.

The large bathhouse


The only public bath in Niigata city

The large bathroom water contains same ingredient as hot springs Akakura in Niigata. Recovery from fatigue, stiffness of the shoulders, lumbago, neuralgia, and the effect are also in wide range, and tiredness of your trip is relieved thoroughly. Please fully enjoy hot spring feeling in a center of Niigata.


Golden carp garden

Colors of the four seasons full of natural beauty

The "Golden carp garden" which was landscaped in 1989 has presented relief for many guests who visited as the Japanese garden full of traditional beauty. The splendor of the scenery looking at the beautiful trees of the garden through a window is the best hospitality to a visitor.



Body-armor with historical dignity

We own some classical armors that possess high historical value. They are inherited from a representative of the hotel predecessors in the family line and displayed in the hotel. There is the process that the (Kabuto) helmet was really used for the age of civil strife and evaluated from the art museum of other prefectures, and received a proposal of the buying.

Surrounding tourist spots

Nature-rich Toyanogata, big swan stadium and so on


Surroundings of the hotel are dotted with various tourist resorts, and there are "Toyanogata" and "Big Swan stadium" as the suburbs. Toyanogata is a sightseeing spot full of nature that two thousand cherry trees bloom in spring and a lot of swans rest their feathers in winter. "Big Swan stadium" within walking distance from the lakeside is crowded with people such as watching soccer games on weekends. In addition, Out hotel serves as environment that is easy to access various places such as "Bandai" and "Furumachi" which are the center of Niigata, "the Sea of Japan shore" which is crowded with sea bathing in summer and you can look at the beautiful sun setting throughout a year, "Niigata race track" and "Fukushimagata" in Toyosaka city.


Access from Shinkansen

The Joetsu Shinkansen [Tokyo Station] ⇒ [Niigata Station] about 120 minutes.
From JR Niigata Station south entrance, get on a bus [for Nagata, south office] of bus terminal, and get off at Bentenbashi-mae, and walk about 6 minutes.
*Taxi stand is available.

Access from Niigata Station

From JR Niigata Station south entrance, get on a bus [for Nagata, south office] of bus terminal, and get off at Bentenbashi-mae, and walk about 6 minutes.
*Taxi stand is available.

Access by car

Six minutes from the south exit of Niigata Station.
Ten minutes from the Hokuriku Expressway Niigata nishi (west) interchange.
Ten minutes from Banetsu Expressway Kameda Interchange
There is the free parking lot in the site
10 large-sized bus parking is available.

Free shuttle bus

Courtesy bus service is available, if you would book as a group.
*Please consult to us about pickup place.

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